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Transition To A City

I have 6 years of real hands on city experience on the Newton School Committee which is completely applicable here as we transition to a city. I know how to work with a Mayor, council & superintendent and fellow School Committee members in a city context.


We must develop a productive, durable relationship with the new superintendent. The past year, where we had a superintendent absent on full pay was a low point. We have to get this right! We have a very capable superintendent in Bob Tremblay and we have to take full advantage of this.

Improving Our Schools

We need to focus on student achievement, so our kids do the best they can at all levels. In 2010, we had 4 top rated (Level 1) elementary schools. Today we have just 1. There are multiple ideas which can be pursued in this area. Here are some:

  • Exploration of an elementary Portuguese immersion school.
  • Expanding the educational successes and best practices at Stapleton and Hemenway to the other elementary schools.
  • Placing more focus on the K-2 years to achieve better student outcomes from the start.
  • Strengthening mathematics, as this is a weak area, with low proficiency in multiple elementary schools and with 1 in 6 high school students not proficient in mathematics.
  • Enriching and increasing access to after school programs.


The recommendations of the communications task force need to be acted on. We need improvements to the district website and two way communications with the community, especially on academic matters, so families know what their kids are doing in class, what homework they have, what projects are due and how they are doing in tests so they can be more of a real asset in the academic progress of their children.

School Buildings

We need to get the Fuller project right and also plan for needed capacity across the school system. FHS is a special concern as it is beyond its designed capacity.


We need the right digital infrastructure to support a modern education and that means we not only supply the right hardware and software but we also plan for device replacement on a 4-5 year cycle.


This is critical for making sure that our educational investments are the right ones, and it depends on good, forthright working relationships in the school system at all levels.

Student Representation

Student elections at Framingham High School are now going to proceed and occur on November 7, in sync with our town election. A 5 member student advisory committee (SAC) will be elected and their chairperson will serve as School Committee student rep. The SAC will meet with the School Committee every other month during the school year. Now we will come into compliance with MGL Ch 71 Section 38M.

See: Student advisory committees

For many years these student reps have been appointed, which is not what the law specifies. Elections at the high school now ensure that the students' voice will be properly heard by the School Committee.

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