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Communications are critically important to the functioning of the School Committee, our school system, our town government and our community. In 2015, the School Committee recognized that communications needed to be substantially improved and created a task force to look into the matter. I served on that task force, which did a really good job in a few months and came back with 4 sound recommendations:

  • Improve the quality of the communications (letters, memos, press releases, verbal decisions, etc.) from the Superintendent's office and other sources within FPS.

  • Overhaul the district website, as it is a critical information hub and communications center.

  • Support genuine two-way communications.

  • Ensure that communications relating to academic matters are given a high priority.

The main report may be found here.

It was expected that the report which was submitted and presented on May 18, 2015 would be acted on, and after some reasonable improvements in the district website, there finally was the formation of a School Committee Communications Subcommittee in May, 2016, about a year later. The event was reported in the Framingham Source:

Framingham Schools 'Communication Needs To Improve Dramatically'

Although expectations were raised by this, nothing of much consequence actually occurred following this move and eventually even the link to the report was removed from the FPS website.

It remains one of my principal priorities to have the report recommendations actually implemented.

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